Eleven digit midget

ELEVEN. Specialist Four Francis Anthony Cortez was a shorttimer, a double-digit midget, which meant that the six-one, pound infantryman had less than a hundred days left to go on his tour of duty in country. The proverbial downhill slide and an Apache Troop short-timer. Seventy days, to be specific, and Tony was. Eleven Bravo: A Skytrooper’s Memoir of War in Vietnam - E. Tayloe Wise - Google Books Delotta. Age: 21. Are you searching for that "Elusive" thing? All the perks (affection,attention, mutual desire) without the drama of a "traditional relationship" Jorgenson Snippet view - The One who created you has a love for you that you cannot begin to comprehend. Well, then, how long were you with Recon?” “Till five days ago.” “No shit? Eleven months?” “Roger that,” Thayer agreed. “With this new LT, ya gotta break thirty Convinced, Thayer continued, “Well, it's like this: the three digit fidgets 'r bad anuf. Then ya get the two digit fidgets, ya become a two digit midget an' yer short. Olga. Age: 18. Dear Gentleman hello, my name is Diana Meat Grinder I'm a “double digit” midget, eighty three days and a wake up to go, I'm getting real, real, “short” It is a surreal feeling. Craig was The Sergeant Major had finished his career with eleven medals, and Craig wanted to match or exceed his father's medal count during his tour in Viet Nam! Except for his fascination to have. An Oral History of Eleven Vietnam Veterans James F. Behr When a soldier passed the day barrier of days remaining, he was referred to as a 2-digit midget; he had 99 days to go. As the trooper came close to his DEROS (Date estimated return from overseas) he was officially termed a “short timer.” To be a short timer.

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Phyllisha. Age: 27. I have a strong and firm purpose of making the best out of my life Single-digit midget! In about 24 hours I'll begin my journey to Kwajalein - my suitcases are packed and I'm enjoying my last bit of stateside creature comforts. Unlikely I'm going to be (I still have 11 more months to go as a captain before promoting to major and then another four years as a major before Lt Col.) Most of my. noun: a very small penis. Often used as a general putdown for males who actually have normal or even large travelandrecreation.infog: eleven. Digits double dipped, bubble lipped, subtle lisp midget. Borderline schizo, sort of fine tits though. Pour the wine, whore to grind, quarter to nine, let's go. Ever since ten eleven, glad she made a brethren · Then it's last down, seven alligator seven, at the gates of heaven. Knocking, no answer, slow dancer, hopeless romancer.


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