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Jan 5, - Photo: MAURICIO LIMA (Getty Images). So, it finally happened. You got fed up with your job, went into the boss's office and offered your resignation with a couple of subtle but rude hand gestures. Now you're in the market for a new place of employment but can't really figure out what you want to do or what. This Is What It Takes To Become A Male Pornstar Araya. Age: 23. Self confident and always dressed in perfect occassion i love finer things in life and can entertain you in many different ways. I like the quiet moments and the pleasant conversational ours at the fireplace. I've worked in 'the real world' and I've followed my own path, everywhere. The industry does not need you, personally; they need a male performer," Driller says. May 17, - I see a lot of fake answers to this question so I'll give you the real answer. You'll need to find people who can help facilitate your career. You want these people to have decades of experience in the adult industry. How to go about becoming an amateur porn star. Vasilisa. Age: 29. Catering to men ages 27 - 66 Could you make it as a male porn star? Jun 29, - Porn stars have it made. On the surface, "have sex with beautiful people for money" sounds like a no-brainer, but while it can be a "dream," not enough people put emphasis on the "job" part. Cracked sat down with Lance Hart, veteran porn star, pornographer, and all around porn-type guy, to get the. Dec 2, - On April 23, , I published a post on my Forbes blog: “The Hardest Thing About Being a Male Porn Star.” I don't remember what prompted the idea for the post, other than the fact that I have been covering the adult movie industry for more than a decade and have long been interested in how its male.

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Memphis. Age: 28. sexy and gorgeous with soft skin, a beautiful body and a fantastically naughty imagination. Nov 24, - “A few are shorter,” he says, “but many are longer.” But being hung like you've got elephantitis of the junk is not necessarily the main talent you need to become a male porn'd be like saying the only requirement for becoming the next LeBron James is being really tall. Yeah, sorry, it's a little more. Aug 11, - Some advice for the thousands of women wondering how to become a female porn star. Let us help teach you how to become a porn star! Apply to become a porn star online using our quick and easy online application. Apply today!


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