Hole at bottom of spine

What causes pilonidal disease? The exact reason why pilonidal disease occurs is still unclear. Possible causes include: Some people are born with small holes or pits near the base of the spine. These are in fact enlarged hair follicles. Follicular occlusion; some people are genetically prone to this. They may also suffer from. Hole at base of spine/top of butt crack — The Bump Barra. Age: 26. i am an open mind woman that appreciate the sincerity . I like to let my self to be descouvred . The question is whether or not this is simply a skin feature of hers or whether there is any kind of deformity below the skin — given the normal ultrasound scan it is likely that this is just a skin feature. Oldest Latest Most Votes. Okay so sorry for the really weird title, but at Addi's 2 month check up today the Pedi found a hole at the top of her butt crack/base of spine. I'm suprised that they didn't catch it in the hospital or at teh 2 week check but the Pedi said it's common to not see it cause they don't man handle the babies as much. Maya. Age: 21. I was photomodel and now enjoying to work as a part time escort girl Hole/Dimple at bottom of spine May 9, - Question. My nine-month-old daughter has a sacral dimple on the base of her spine. An ultrasound performed when she was three days old found nothing to worry about. The hole is now getting bigger and I am seeing my GP, but I am interested to know more about this condition. May 28, - He has had a deep hole in his bottom, just above his anus since birth, but nobody seemed to notice and it was only when I read an article on spina bifida that I In spina bifida occulta one or more of the spinal bones (called vertebrae) don't develop in a completely normal way, but usually the spinal cord is.

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Topanga. Age: 28. Hello guys my daughter is 3yrs old and ive always noticed a small hole at the bottom of her tail bone between her butt cheeks i thought it was a dimple bc she was so chubby but At her doctors appointment they can do an ultrasound and other tests to see if the hole is open to the spine however as I said above, she's most likely fine. A sacral dimple is a small indentation at the base of your child's spine (the sacrum). Sacral dimples are relatively common in newborn babies and are usually not of major concern. Less often, they are a sign of a birth defect involving the spinal cord; in most cases, the defect is a minor one. Some sacral dimples have. My husband is 29, and has these tiny little holes right above his bottom - right where the crack begins. There are about five My uncle had a similar condition that was a buildup of excess spinal fluid in his tailbone they had to surgically insert a tube to drain it on its own and he has had that his whole life. I on the other hand.


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