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Nov 23, - There's no better feeling on Earth than a woman with so much control over her vaginal muscles, it feels like she's trying to choke the truth out of your dick. guy actually likes going down on women, so if she's able to reach orgasm quickly simply through penetration, that's the type of vagina I'd call a 'keeper. Taboo Pushkin: Topics, Texts, Interpretations - Google Buku Sydnee. Age: 30. "i am a young girl based in bucharest.i am joyful but discreet person, intelligent and sensual. I am extremely feminine with perfect curves and the charm to please a gentleman. I will be your perfect romanian experience" Most women complain of their vaginas being too loose, while a few complain that theirs is too tight for a penetration. Jun 22, - A man's understanding of the vagina can dramatically affect his love life. Basically, if you're well-versed in vag, chances are your partner will want to get randy more often, thus leading to a slew of health benefits for the both of you. Studies show that men who have sex at least twice a week have better heart. Rachel. Age: 28. 34 DDD What You Need To Know about Vaginal Tightness The porn professionals make it look so easy: you just clamber on top of one guy, slipping him neatly into your vagina, then another (pre-lubed) guy pops up behind you, eases it in, and away you go. It's like one of the medium-speed levels on Tetris, but with cock. Double penetration in real life is a bit more complicated than. Jan 20, - One is reverse cowgirl, me on top of one guy facing him, riding his penis in my vagina while the other guy behind me penetrates my anus from behind. The other is riding one As a girl you can take control of the speed and depth (like on top) or just enjoy the "ride" with your partner controlling the rhythm. Anal would be like  How does a woman feel with a penis in her vagina? - Quora.

Chubby girl with b-cups

Sindy. Age: 27. If you are looking for the ultimate encounter with an elegant mature lady then look no further ;) Jan 16, - As it turns out, double penetration is totally doable-- and no, we're not just talking about in adult films. Over on Reddit, people spilled the juicy details on what it's like to be "filled up." Below, we highlight what they had to say. What are your thoughts on the matter? Share theme with us in the comments section. Nov 10, - Double penetration may sound scary, but it's really not as bad as it seems. “If I could describe my experience of double penetration, the best way I can describe it is by describing myself as a cupcake with cream filling. Basically, I was the cupcake “This was not your typical sexual experience. Never once. Vaginal tightness and looseness, is a controversial topic in most relationships. Most women complain of their vaginas being too loose, while a few complain that theirs is too tight for a penetration. Men have even gone to the extent of complaining about this especially if a woman's vagina is too loose. Most people believe that.


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