Husband threatened to spank me

May 11, - I think you should talk to your husband about that while you're both calm. I think he shouldn't be threatening to hit you at all in anger but if one or both of you is genuinely interested in having a relationship involving consensual spanking there's nothing wrong with that. Just make sure you both have clear. What spanking REALLY implies about a guy??? | Hip Forums Italia. Age: 29. I do enjoy the finer things in life nice restaurants fine wines and of course having fun ! Making me a perfect companion for any occasion Sounds like your parents need to learn that lesson. When I see how women have been treated like objects by people who demand to have an authority position over their wives, demand obedience, demand submission, presume to be an intermediary to God. A true, personal story from the experience, I Like to Be Spanked By My Husband. My boyfriend who is definitely the dominant personality in the relationship and I were out to dinner and sitting at the table in the restaurant when he asked me why Who knows, maybe she asked her partner for a spanking when she got home! Delilah. Age: 27. Perfect 7XSunday discusses Husband Spanking NonConsenting Wife -Will Make Your Head Explode And id highly doubt if my father saw me being bitchy he would ever say I need to be spanked, or think it and most definitely would not encourage my husband to put his hands on me. What type of When I start locking in to the negative aspects, he threatens me with a spanking and asks if I want to be spanked in public. About a year ago my boyfriend threatened to spank me for doing inappropriate things. He has told me for several months now that we need to take care of past issues, and I've managed to add up a few recent ones too. .. My husband does not do that, although I think it would work for us if he did.

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Maria. Age: 21. My name is Madison and i'm 5'4 115lbs, 34B half Latin & half Caucasian 22yrs old, VERY clean and WELL groomed!!! Feb 6, - Would you get turned on by your bf/husband if he threatened to spank/punish you if you don't listen to him? I just get so turned on when he says he will fix my behavior and spank me. But he is always joking and I really wish he would do that. But at the same time It just makes me feel so weird and unfeminist. May 31, - [] My husband spanks me when I break one of his predetermined rules. I hate it but he says it's [] Husband says it's his right to spank me. tanstaafl2 You have the right to stand up for yourself and even physically protect yourself if you or the life of your offspring is threatened. I personally. Okay, so I have been spanked before, during foreplay, I didn't ask for it. He was just feeling me up and what not and he spanked me. I thought it was.


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