Flea eggs in vagina

Dec 28, - They tend to lay eggs in furnishings like carpets. My advice would be to wash your bedding .. You could really scare some young, naive thing seriously worried about fleas in their vagina and looking for answers on Google instead of speaking to a doctor or vet. Just because fleas like dark, moist places. Flea Bites - (( VaginaPagina )) Jamie. Age: 24. je vous propose mes service I can definitely say with no doubt in my mind that I as well am suffering the same faith. Mar 15, - The pimples on her vagina DO look symptomatic of flea bites and she obtains bumps/pimples that are exactly the same on her legs as well as pubic region. . She has since washed the sheets on her bed, but I heard flea eggs can lie dormant for 3 weeks or more and cannot be killed unless with special. Serena. Age: 20. hello guys i am elena escorts from bucharest and i like to come in your room hotel or apartaments call me if whant meet with escort real and sexy girl i do oral sex normal sex Killing human fleas on/inside the human body Feb 18, - Um, yes they can. Fleas have no idea of what is taboo or not. They want to produce eggs as fast as possible and don't care where it is. They will go in your ear, nose, rectum or vagina, anywhere that is dark and moist. I know somewhat it happened to. It could make for a horror story. randy w ยท 10 months ago. I know this seems like a basic question, but I really just want to CLEANSE myself but not develop any rashes down in my vaginal area just because of Detol. ps. If anyone has The flea bomb will kill the live 'uns, but it will do little against the eggs, which will hatch out STARVING little larva and fleas. *shudder* Good luck!

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Evelyn. Age: 23. Together with me you can experience many special moments, because I'm has lot of energy and ideas for joint meetings with her clients Apr 17, - Flea eggs on the surface of your skin can also drop off onto chairs, beds and carpets and then end up back on your body after all the extensive treatments to get rid of them in the first place. So you need to make sure that you remove these fleas from your house completely in order to avoid reinfections. Dec 14, - This is a serious question. My boyfriend and I used to have dogs that had fleas, but we got rid of the dogs, and we are still battling the fleas. Jokingly, I asked, " what if the fleas try to get inside my vagina?" (Because fleas like moist and dark places). 3 mornings later, I found 2 dead fleas in my underwear. when we got back to the car everyone stripped down to make sure we got them all off, but when i took my jeans off i saw one on my upper leg! i flicked it off, but now i am freaking out that if one got up my leg under my pants like that, could one have gone ALL the way up and into my vagina?! i want to ttc next.


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