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I'm circumcised and I don't use hand lotion for masturbation. It doesn't seem to rub me raw like people say it would for uncircumcised travelandrecreation.info masturbating with the use of lotion an american tradition, or. Boys and masturbation – follow-up | Dr. Karen Rayne's website Dr. Karen Rayne's website Belle. Age: 30. I m blonde hair, blue eyes, open minded... Plus it is much easier for a lot of teenagers to ask for or buy lotion than lubricants. Oct 9, - But no lube or toys on hand, what do you use to get your yank on safely? And what should Chances are, if you can put the lotion on the sensitive skin on the inside of your wrist, it won't bother a penis. Vaginas, of If you can't find a lotion that'll suit your needs, check out Swiss Navy's Masturbation Cream. Shannon. Age: 29. Hello gentlemen, my name is Aliona Using lotion and other stuff to masturbate Feb 9, - 30 seconds into my fap-a-thon session, it started to BURN like NEVER BEFORE. Geez it hurt like hell. I wiped it off and finished my fap-a-thon session with bio oil. Soooo smooth and slippery. I'm not circumcised so I dont need lube, but I like to hold my foreskin back and jerk off the glans with lube ;D. Share. Sep 15, - You generally will need lotion (and I presume we're talking males here, though I could be wrong) because your parents saw to it that your “natural lubricant”, a.k.a. your foreskin, was removed because why not. It's a rather barbaric practice that What are the issues masturbating without lotion (dry hand) for men?

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Marina. Age: 23. Portuguesa, 28 anos, jovem bonita, sensual e educada, para momentos de prazer e relax sem tabus, com uma boca gulosa, olhos de gata, seios 42, anca larga, coxa grossa, rabo grande, pernas bem torneadas, rosto de boneca, simpatica, educada, discreta, bonita e com uma dose extra de tesao Oct 14, - my gf explained to me how lotion can actually irritate the skin if rubbed in that manner instead of moisturizing it. Baby oil will work have even been told olive oil too. Some massage therapists use almond oil. But the best stuff my gf and I found was a lube called Platinum by Wet. Highly recommend it; bought it. Oct 24, - Some lotions are scented and the scent left after a masturbation session may not be a scent that the user wants to linger after the session. There are many materials that are a) many boys use ordinary hand or body lotion or cream as a lube for masturbation with no ill effects and b)many– if not most– boys. Oct 11, - Sure. There are no hard numbers on how guys masturbate. Surprisingly, no one is pouring funding and research into this topic. But while just using a hand and some lotion is probably the most typical, massaging the perineum and stimulating the prostate are definitely things that some guys elect to do.


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