How many parents bare bottom spank

when spanking for discipline do you put over your knee or how and bare bottom or not? - School-Age Are there some other parents who like to spank their children 2 - 3 times a weak, at least? . I'm interested in chatting about bare Bottom Spanking both as punishment and role play - mail me [email protected] To Spank or Not to Spank? Is that Really Still a Question? | Psychology Today Jayda. Age: 26. very nice meeting you... My name is jasmine... Spankings were given with a belt on the bare butt, and it always went along with an explanation as to why what we did was wrong and how to avoid repeating the bad conduct that had earned the spanking. Perhaps changing to the use of a rod, rather than using your hand to spank will be required, but the issues you are grappling with are bigger than just the methods and procedures of spanking. May 4, - The child gets used to it, and it has no purpose. When spanking is necessary, it should be done over the knee, bare bottom and enough times to make an impact – one or two for every year of the child's age. I've not found information in your site about how many spanks a child should get. Do you think we're. Nield. Age: 24. Hello!!!!! I am Lera, beautiful independent escort of 23 years old who is here to please you Q&A: Double Trouble – Spanking Children – Use the Rod or Spank with the Hand? Oct 6, - Given today's twisted, anti-Christian, topsy-turvy notions of right and wrong, especially in child-rearing, where it's supposedly “wrong” to spank your children because it could make them “violent,” yet seemingly a higher percentage of kids than ever before are growing up dysfunctional, rebellious. Sep 12, - One mother wondered at what age it was okay to spank her child on his bare bottom. There is a boundless amount of parenting help to be found in many social network communities where some parents ask questions and other inspired parents give their answers. The idea, a good one in my opinion.

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Sensi. Age: 25. Kindly email me to know the prices about the services / any questions you have The decision to spank with or without underpants is up to the parent. Many parents believe that a spanking is best on the bare bottom. Others elect to leave the underpants on. When an older child is being spanked, Bob and I believe in leaving the underpants on, to protect the child's modesty. After all, the underpants are thin. Because spanking fell out of favor as a form of discipline back in the 's many people are in the same boat as you are. A completely bare bottom is not necessary. Parents find that their hand appears to be more sore than the child's bottom (which might be a good thing if a parent is prone to excessive punishment). Remind yourself of the many alternatives to spanking, such as time-out, grounding, removal of privileges, extra chores, etc. Consider . Should the parent always be the one to bare the bottom for a spanking or should an older child be given the opportunity or told to pull down his pants and underwear to get his spanking?


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