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The Female Orgasm: How it Works. Want it, need it, have to have it — but what precisely is happening when you're climaxing? Here, the science behind the female orgasm. By Nicole Beland November 21, ,. It's the only thing that feels better than diving into a cool lake on a sweltering day, biting into a juicy. Sucuri WebSite Firewall - Access Denied Uma. Age: 27. Hey Gentleman!! I pride myself on being an experienced playmate who always leaves you Happy ;) University of Illinois Press. Sep 7, - Orgasm is defined as the climax of sexual excitement, characterized by pleasure centered in the genital and following an ejaculation. The body's sexual response cycle occurs in four stages for both men and women. These four stages include: excitement, plateau, orgasm and resolution. Once an individual. Gina. Age: 28. i am not an escort. The Mystery of the Female Orgasm, Explained With Science Nov 9, - Despite the fact that sex takes up a huge part of our cognitive and emotional mental space, scientific research on sex has been limited. Breakthrough reports, such as those by Kinsey or Master's and Johnson, remain unusual. Perhaps overzealous notions of propriety have historically inhibited such. May 28, - Six things science has revealed about the female orgasm. By Michael Marshall. This week we report on the continuing debate about female ejaculation: is it real, and if so why does it happen? See: Everything you always wanted to know about female ejaculation (but were afraid to ask). Ejaculation is just.

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Missy. Age: 25. I'm beautiful lady who loves sex and is distributed to a maximum of it. Sep 21, - There may be few questions of human sexuality more rancorous than those about the female orgasm. Scientists agree that women probably started having orgasms as a by-product of men having them, similar to how men have nipples because women have them. As Elisabeth Lloyd, a philosopher of. Ok, so orgasms feel amazing. Duh. But do you know why? This is the science behind how your body makes you feel so damn good, and why the experience is so different for men and women. Dr. Gert Herstege of University of Groningen studied the brains of men and women during orgasm. He had them lay flat with their. Scientific literature focuses on the psychology of female orgasm significantly more than it does on the psychology of male orgasm, which "appears to reflect the assumption that female orgasm is psychologically more complex than male orgasm," but "the limited empirical evidence available suggests that male and female.


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