Girlfriend wont boob touch

We've been going out for a year and a half but haven't gone any further than kissing. While making out I'd touch her breasts and she'd move my hands or I'd touch her butt and she'd move my hands again. But she's always talking about sex and touching and wanting her boobs touched. Help?!? Updates: I'm 24 and she's My girlfriend won't let me touch her pussy. - Forums Dyanna. Age: 22. I am a natural independent woman, from head to toes, nice and educated I get the impression that they literally can't feel anything, not that they feel nothing in the sexual sense. What Guys Said 3. Jun 17, - Well if you have both agreed to remain virgins, then I think it is because she is afraid it will make her cross the line. She probably enjoyed it also. I really encourage saving sex for marriage because I believe it is the correct thing to do and because I feel it is best for both parties. However the two of you might. Christy. Age: 30. Thanks for taking the time to meet me Girlfriend won't let me touch her breasts Jul 19, - Often times, tongue-kissing is all you're going to get to do, and she won't want you to play with her breasts just yet. Remember, don't be disappointed. Yet sometimes, she'll take your hand when it's near her chest, and she'll place it against her breast! Be gentle and playful with her breasts. Rub them, gently squeeze them,  A guy touched my girlfriends' boobs. Do I have the right to be mad? Thread: My girlfriend won't let me touch her pussy. . touch her ass then brah. She let's me touch her ass but not for long. I haven't even got a boob touch brah. . Couldn't imagine ever being in a relationship with a girl who is uncomfortable with the idea of sex. Good luck on your abstinence goals of   my girlfriend doesn't like me touching her.

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Addison. Age: 18. Hey Fellas!!! Have you asked her why she's so protective of them? I think that should be the first step; it could be that she had some sort of traumatic experience that involved her breasts that you don't know about, possibly sexual assault? That might explain why she's fine with her friends touching them but not girlfriend wont let me see her naked what should i do? 21/M. When you touch her boobs she doesn't slap you and yell, “Get away from me you pervert!”: If a girl is really into you, there's a good chance she might be ok with you touching her boobs from time to time. In order to touch boobs, you have to have the right fingerprints, if you will. Think of a woman's boobs as a fingerprint. Mar 16, - And then she said we won't tell each other anymore stories because it was raising my expectations and all that, and it made me mad and we had another almost fight and break up. But during the movie she let me touch her breasts, in fact she put my hand inside her bra and made me squeeze her tits.


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