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Review. The digestive system plays an important role in the absorption of nutrients into the body. It takes the food we ingest, breaks it down mechanically and chemically in the mouth and stomach. It then absorbs nutrients, fats, proteins and water in the intestines before eliminating the waste through the rectum. Major organs. Human Digestive System - Jenni. Age: 28. hi gentelmans ! my name is Anastasya The majority of objects found in the rectum have been introduced through the anus. Common Conditions and Treatments for Stomach, Digestive, Liver, and Nutrition Disorders Conditions Abdominal pain Biliary atresia Celiac disease Colic Constipation Encopresis occurs when the child's colon is impacted with hard stool and the soft or liquid stool can leak out of the anus and stains the child's underwear. Lara. Age: 20. Whether you are in search of a classy, sophisticated and sexy lady to accompany you to dinner, desire passionate intimacy or hope to discover something new, our time together will be tailored to your desires and a truly unforgettable experience Digestive System But sometimes a foreign body may be swallowed, pass through the digestive tract, and eventually get stuck in the rectum. Common examples of foreign objects may be the best place to go. Seek emergency medical help if you think you have a foreign object in your rectum and you have abdominal pain, bleeding, or fever. May 13, - Q. I have some haemmorroids, however I have recently acquired a rash in my anal area which is persistent and itchy. The skin is somewhat Anal bleeding and stomach pains I always feel as if I have overeaten regardless of how little I have eaten and have a strange sensation in my throat. I work out.

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Jaylene. Age: 26. Are you on a business trip in Berlin and feel lonely in your hotel room? Do you have a long working day and need some relaxation and change to the daily work routine? Do you hardly have time for maintaining friendships? Are you invited to an important business dinner where you have to appear in company? Would you like to make some extraordinary sexual experience? Do you have no partner and want to make an unusual trip, however not alone? The digestive system is essentially a long, twisting tube that runs from the mouth to the anus, plus a few other organs (like the liver and pancreas) that produce or store digestive chemicals. The Digestive On the way to the stomach: the esophagus - After being chewed and swallowed, the food enters the esophagus. Once an object is swallowed, it may get stuck in the esophagus or get trapped in the stomach. Swallowed objects usually pass through the entire digestive tract and out of the anus (rear end) without problems. Foreign bodies may include coins, small batteries, pins, seeds, toothpicks, pieces of toys, or fish or animal bone. Marcellus Donatus records an instance in which a viper, which had previously crawled into the mouth, had been passed by the anus. There are also recorded instances in hemorrhage from the mouth. Timaeus mentions a child of five who swallowed several leeches, and who died of abdominal pains, hemorrhage, and.


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