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Nov 14, - After TTC for 3 years it has finally happened! After attending a fertility specialist we had the usual tests done semen analysis, my AMH if I was ovulating etc and everything was perfect but we were not conceiving and it was heartbreaking to say the least. I stopped getting up and taking a shower after sex. Should You Pee After Sex if You're Trying to Get Pregnant? Giovanna. Age: 29. i wait you to speand good moment with me An error has occurred while trying to update your details. May 23, - Look after yourself. Start taking folic acid now. You reduce your chances of giving birth to a baby with a neural tube defect (for example, anencephaly or spina . can cause vaginal infections and/or pelvic inflammatory disease; and may wash away the cervical mucus that is needed to transport the sperm). Larissa. Age: 30. Hello, i am independant blond beauty Pregnancy, Trying to conceive & Parenting Forum Feb 8, - Showering after sex and conception Okay so I am ovulating right now and just had sex I got up I was about to shower but I decided maybe I should put my legs u. Should I try to stop the sperm from leaking out after sex? For how long? Many experts recommend lying on your back with a pillow under your hips for about 15 to 20 minutes after intercourse. harmful to sperm. And sex toys are not a problem, as long as you wash them carefully and avoid contamination from the rectum.

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Lucy. Age: 25. Hello gentlemen, my name is Kim Fertile days began yesterday for DH and I! My question is when we get done having sex am I suposed to lay still for awhile so the sprem are sure to get up there? How long should I wait before going to the bathroom after sex? And finally, I should be on the bottom when ttc, right? Any advice would be helpfulĀ  After sex ritual. implantation infertility irregular cycle labor LH LH surge long cycle luteal phase menstruation miscarriage OPKs ovulation PCOS period pregnancy pregnancy loss pregnancy symptoms pregnancy tests progesterone pulse rate resting pulse rate short cycle spotting symptom spotting tracking your cycle trying to conceive ttc. Mar 28, - Once the egg is released from the ovary, it's only receptive to sperm and able to be fertilized for about 12 to 24 hours, but sperm can remain viable for days after intercourse which is why you can have sex days before ovulation and still get pregnant. If your cycle is very regular you have a good idea when.


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