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That night, I bought a tin of mints at a gas station two blocks from the bar on my way home, just to use their bathroom. My bladder hurt so much and every step I took was like setting fire to my insides. It was either a 20 minute walk during which I would inevitably piss myself, squatting in an alley somewhere and hoping no one. 19 Pee Horror Stories That'll Put Your Bladder To Shame Juliet. Age: 25. I have natural 32d breasts Read more from Telegraph Men. Nov 5, - funny as hell ride home from the bar. Agatha. Age: 29. Sweet as heaven I Dated A Guy With A Urine Fetish May 29, - A toilet will be clogged, a bathroom inaccessible, the line for the bar's commode buzzing with bug-eyed coke users who can't wait to spend 10 minutes in there jabbering about how they're best friends now and isn't this music awesome? She will have to take a piss in a place that isn't a traditional sit-down. Mar 3, - While most men feel that there is something decidedly unmasculine about urinating sitting down, Phil Robinson is happy to admit that he goes to the loo like a lady.

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Tahnee. Age: 22. I am available in se11 6ee & from central london to essex, surrey & middlesex, available most days/night if arranged by phone with me in advance street from fleet landing was a bar and restaurant up on a small hill, so we stopped in there for a few drinks our first day in port. While we were there, So I'm standing there taking a leak, and the next thing I know this woman comes in, hikes up her skirt, squats down on the next hole over, and starts peeing. It was a little. Nov 9, - So when I deliriously made my way to the bathroom on this bus, imagine my surprise when I found an inch-and-a-half of other people's urine sloshing around the floor. I couldn't hold it for another six hours and I wasn't about to go in my pants, so I vaulted over the piss river onto the toilet seat and squatted. In the video Charlotte can be seen squatting all over the place – in a bar, in a lift, behind a bush – as if her bladder is just bursting with pee. Nice. Unfortunately the song isn't available for download, to our knowledge, anyway, but you can watch the video as much as you like above. Enjoy! GALLERY: Charlotte Crosby's.


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