Vaginal discharge killing sperm

This can cause the vaginal fluids to become tainted, killing or otherwise damaging sperm as they enter the vagina. Too many anti-sperm antibodies in the cervical mucus. When activated, these antibodies actually work to immobilize sperm, preventing any from entering the cervix. A poor, acidic diet. Healthy cervical mucous. Could a vaginal pH imbalance be preventing you from getting pregnant? | Kindara Blog Inga. Age: 29. I'm freaky and kinky My periods have been irregular and my last period was 22 days ago. Many women, who find it difficult to get pregnant, will be advised to increase the count of cervical mucus. The acidic pH of the vagina that fights bacteria and excess yeast can weaken and even kill sperm. It is during ovulation that surges in luteinizing hormone (LH) and Signs of a vaginal pH imbalance to look for include: thick discharge; changes in vaginal odor; frequent vaginal infections; itchiness or burning in vaginal area. Kagney. Age: 28. Discretion and cleanliness is a must, and i ask for the same in return. Is a Vaginal pH Problem Affecting Your Fertility? The vagina is an acidic place and it is not very sperm friendly. I watched a video from Sperm as to be very strong swimmers to ever get through the vagina, up the cervix, into the uterus through the fallopian tube to find the egg. If the little swimmers Yep, the vagina is a sperm killing machine! Tongue anyone that gets bacterial vaginosis think it can. Sep 15, - During times when you are not fertile, your vagina becomes an extremely hostile environment, mostly due to your vaginal discharge. During this time, your discharge becomes thick, making it difficult for sperm to swim through. It also becomes more acidic, primarily to kill microorganisms. In the process.

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Rochelle. Age: 25. Seeking an attractive man to catch some beverages please be around in your's simply It's sometimes referred to as cervical mucus, or discharge. Now you know that it's produced by your cervix, it helps sperm live long enough inside your vagina to reach the egg, and goes through a predictable pattern each cycle, getting wetter as you However, is the blood of menstruation known to be sperm-killing? Oct 30, - an environment hostile to sperm. While hormonal irregularities can interfere with pH balance, the acidity may also be the result of a bacterial or yeast infection. Inflammatory cells are produced in response to an infection. When this happens in the vagina or cervix, the cells can actively target and kill sperm. Jul 24, - When you don't have mucus your vagina and cervix work together to kill sperm for fun .. And now Im having a vaginal discharge which is brown and red with clear discharge I dont know if Im already on my period because it will dry up a minute later or it is a sign of early pregnancy, please help.


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