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Nov 25, - Still, it's not worth risking your life (or anyone else's) to pee in the car while driving. If you can legally and safely do it, exit, pull over and tinkle on the side of the road. However, don't pull your vehicle onto the shoulder of a major freeway or highway to pee. Whether you're a male or female, there is a discreet. Stuck In Holiday Traffic? Creative Ways To Pee In A Car While Driving Defrancesca. Age: 24. 34D???? Slime Waiste & A Gorgeous Face?? Hand sanitizer, baby wipes, or paper towels pre-soaked in soapy water are all good options. Short Term Vehicle Insurance. Trade whatever you're driving now for a really old car, something built prior to the '80s, or whenever the car manufacturers started using galvanized sheet metal for body panels. It will likely have gaping holes in the floor pans, so all you'll have to do if you get the 'urge' while traveling down the road is let 'er. Kirra. Age: 23. Je serai a lecoute de vos desirs, je voudrais rencontrer de vrais gentlemen, des hommes qui ont appris lart de faire lamour a une femme, des homme qui savent apprecier les escortes haut de gamme pour un instant un heure une soiree, ce rendez vous sera inoubliable And Here’s A Man Driving Off With His Pissed Off Wife On The Hood Of His Car Sep 8, - But here's a bit of advice from Mandatory: if you do decide to take a drive make sure that your significant other is not on the hood of your car. Well, let's just say that that is exactly what occurred on a Chinese road recently. A driver was able to capture the moment he drives by a man driving a car with his wife. Pull your automobile over. When you need to urinate, pull your car over to a safe place. The sides of the road, a freeway exit, or some other place away from traffic are all good options. For safety, do not pull your car over onto the side of a major freeway or highway. Do not use your urination device while you are driving.

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Katia. Age: 26. Hello gentlemen! May 5, - Commercials mean “Piss Break” for all the drivers they just stop in what ever position on the track they are in and everybody who needs to go, jumps out of their car and whizzes real quick jumps back in and gets back in line in the position they were in before the commercial, and then when they get the “cue” from the Flag  Why do car drivers hate motorcyclists? Indian passenger in a rally pisses off the driver by giving stupid instructions. You can hear the driver's. Dec 22, - There are many anecdotes surrounding supposed 'weird' British driving laws – London cabs, for example, are allegedly required by law to carry a bale of hay at all times, and it is widely thought that men are able to urinate on the rear offside wheel of their cars, providing their right hands are on the vehicle.


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