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Aug 31, - "Ah, lesbian " A smirking House greeted the doctor when her eyes finally met his, knowing full well she hated it when he called her that. He waited a couple of seconds for her to reply with the usual 'I'm not a lesbian, I'm bisexual' argument she would shoot back. Sensing that he would get no reply from the. Allison Cameron/Remy "Thirteen" Hadley - Works | Archive of Our Own Emeli. Age: 23. Need some time to unwind?I can take away your stress This time it was only a bottle of water and a sandwich in a small container, so it only took a brisk movement from Remy to quickly return the items to the blonde. Oct 9, - Thirteen's hands were still on Cuddy's shoulders. She smiled simply at the question. "Popping your lesbian cherry." Without waiting for a reaction, she pressed her lips to Cuddy's once more, this time climbing into the woman's lap, straddling her legs. The older woman squirmed beneath Thirteen's weight. Khloe. Age: 22. my price 1 h 250 euro Unexpected Love {Demi Lovato Lesbian Fanfic} Jun 21, - Truth or Dare. Summary: Thirteen and Cameron are bored so they decide to play truth or dare in the hospital's lounge room. There's no established relationship between them YET! Haha, I love this pairing! Please enjoy! Rated M. Cameron walked into the hospital's lounge room after a long shift. It was 2. No Archive Warnings Apply · Allison Cameron/Remy Hadley · Allison Cameron · Remy "Thirteen" Hadley · Greg House · Lisa Cuddy · James Wilson · Eric Foreman · Chris Taub · Lawrence Kutner · Robert Chase · Femslash · Cadley · Camteen · Angst · Romance · Hurt/Comfort · Tragedy · Female-Centric.

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Alena. Age: 21. I look forward to realize your phantasies! The fact she was a lesbian was one thing but the fact she was having sex with her sister was another. Either way her dad and everyone she knew would freak out. It was the third day after DJ and Stephanie had started their sexual adventures that they decided to be more daring. The house was almost empty; DJ, Stephanie. All of these presses were publishing lesbian romances based on Xena fan fiction—original works featuring the readily recognizable XenaGabrielle archetypal characters As a result of this crossover readership, I was approached by three small publishing houses within a span of a few weeks to publish three different titles. Laura is getting older as she becomes a teacher and Almanzo Wilder enters into her life but at the same time, what if Nellie sees Laura as something other than enemies? drama. family. fanfiction. girlxgirl. historicalfiction. lauraingalls. lesbian. littlehouseontheprairie. nellieoleson. pioneer. romance. spiritual. western.


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