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Aug 6, - Judges Insight and Warrior's Might has the +10% AP clause while the skills that have base AP say "This spell/skill/attack has xx% armor penetration." and lacks the + sign. Feel free to check my math, all my calculations are based on the damage calculation article. , 2 March Talk:Turtle Shell - GuildWiki, the unofficial Guild Wars wiki Eufrat. Age: 30. only longer duration (from 3hrs) Thus, if you find a wand but don't meet the requirements, it'll deal damage like a wand of the same type. First a big thank to Tera for providing a lot information on this project and, once more, for the amount of work he and Chiubi did. Mar 9, - Armor penetration; Ignoring armor. 3 Consolidation that affect the defense of the target. These two sets are separable - if you just want to analyze weapon damage, for instance, you can completely ignore the effects of armor in your calculations and analysis. In mathematical form, this means that. Dillion. Age: 20. I'm Tessa and I'm a wild & sexy upscale kinky DREAM girl User:Ekko/Vampiric Weapons The Effective Armor Rating depends on the Base Armor Rating (BaseAR), AR Shifter (ARShift), and Net Armor Penetration (NAP). EffAR = BaseAR √ó (1 - NAP) + . by users of the GuildWiki. This is a clearer, more elegant explanation of the Simplified Damage Formula A Treatise on Combat Mathematics on Guildwars Guru. Your math is bad, Ollj. No matter what someone's AL is, if they increase it by 40 (assuming the.

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Adelfina. Age: 29. Candice Sep 11, - Critical - 0 ("false"); Raw Damage - 1; Base Damage Rating - 60; Attribute - 12; Level - 20; Base AL - 60; Armor Penetration - 0; Armor bonus - 0; Scalar - If you have access to a graphing calculator or some math software such as MAPLE, and you know all the variables except one, you can calculate this. May 12, - A max sundering weapon (20/20) and a max vampiric weapon (5/-1). The particular weapon doesn't matter. Against 60 armor, 20% armor penetration amounts to a damage multiplier of ~ (I used the exact number for the math I'm going to do. Against higher armors, sundering would be even more. According to all the damage equation research done prior to the FPE, and the description of Turtle Shell, I would expect armor penetration have absolutely ZERO effect on Turtle Shell's protection capabilities. It's hard to imagine what could've been changed/added to the damage equation for Factions to make the behavior.


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