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Tips For Walt Disney World First-Timers

Is it your first to visit Walt Disney World?  With so many things and places to see and do, it’s important to come prepared. Here are some tips to make your trip a memorable one.

• Plan ahead. – Decide ahead of time what your priorities are and make a plan of action.

• Get to the parks early. – a lot of people are excited to get first on popular rides so better to be first in line.

•Pre-arrange priority seating, Disney’s answer to dining reservations.

• Allow plenty of time to reach the theme parks each morning. – It’s easy to miss your breakfast priority seating is you don’t allocate enough time.

• Be spontaneous. – If something catches your eye, even if it’s not on your daily list of things to do, stop and explore. If not, you could miss something wonderful.

• Realize the limitations of your children. – If they’re tired, take a break. If their feet hurt, get them a stroller (forget that they outgrew one years ago). If a ride scares them don’t force the issue. Such precautions will make your day and the day of other park visitors a lot less stressful.

• Wear broken-in, comfortable footwear. – Better yet, bring two pairs and rotate them. Nothing is worse than blisters on your first day and then nursing them for the remainder of your vacation.

• Most importantly, slow down and enjoy the magic. – Resist the urge to see everything at breakneck speed. You can’t possibly cover it all, so think of this as your first trip to Disney, not your last. There will be time to pick up all the things you missed on the next go-round.

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