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Upgrade Your Boat Lift Experience Using Safe Haven

Clunky metal boat lifts might seem like an inexpensive option, but the cost to maintain them can be astronomical. Safe Haven Boat Lifts can withstand the rigors of daily contact of water and weather without failure. If you plan to keep your boat it might be time to upgrade to a lift that can handle the demands of regular use.

A Sturdier Lift for Most Water Vessels

Safe Haven Boat Lifts are built to handle water craft that weigh anywhere from 2,000 to 7,000 pounds. Unlike the clunky metal counterparts they are made sturdy enough to last years of regular and frequent use. They are zero maintenance, which leaves you more time to have fun on the water.

Easy to Use By Design

There are no complicated remote controls and huge operational manuals to read to take your craft in and out of the water. It is made simple by design. They can be mounted from the front or the side. This means you do not have to be the perfect captain to make this lift work.

Durable Materials and Hardware

Safe Haven Boat Lifts are made with a tough polyethylene shell that is filled with foam. This makes the product unsinkable. The non-skid decking makes walking with bare feet comfortable and safe. All boat lift hardware is made to resist corrosion and wear.

Two Power Options

Having constant connection to an electrical source is not always possible. You will have no worries with the Safe Haven Boat Lift. They are operational using 110v or optional solar power. You can decide which is more practical for your situation.

Attractive and Functional Boat Lifts

The Safe Haven Boat Lift is both attractive and functional. The easy to use design is only matched by how solid and good it looks with or without your boat on board. This is one investment you will be proud to show off.

Contact boat lift professionals like and find out how affordable true quality in a lift can be! Safe Haven Boat Lifts is sure to have one that will work for all your watercraft.

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