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Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids this Summer

When school is out and the pool is open, it’s clear that summertime is here. For many children, the summer season is the perfect time to enjoy lots of time with friends, take lots of fun pictures and create memories that will last a lifetime. If you’re a parent who is wondering what to do with your children during the summer, don’t worry because there are tons of things to do. Between camping, making s’mores, barbeques and pool time, the children will collapse in their beds by the end of the day. If you plan on sending your children to summer camp during the weekdays, the weekends will be the perfect time to enjoy special fun times with the children. To create beautiful memories, consider booking some of these events into your family’s summer calendar:

1. Amusement Park Trips
A trip to the amusement park can easily be a weekend long event if there are no local amusement parks. Leave on Friday evening, book a hotel and reserve two-day passes for everyone. Between the roller coasters, live shows, cotton candy, hot dogs and water rides, your children can enjoy a classic summer experience!

2. Boat Trips
Hopefully, there is a lake or pond within an hour of your residence. Many cities have at least one option for boat rides within a drivable distance. For first timers, the thought of getting on a boat ride might seem a little intimidating. Many people find that once they’re on the water, it’s a very relaxing and therapeutic experience. To help put family members at ease, make sure to purchase boat safety equipment ahead of time. Though there are vests in the actual boats, a personal life vest and some safety accessories are always nice to have. For an extended boat trip, consider booking a summer cruise for the family. This is an excellent way to see multiple places in one trip and enjoy the big, blue ocean.

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3. Picnics
Much like amusement park trips, picnics are wonderful events for families to enjoy. Allow the children to join in on what goes on the menu and plan fun games to play while you all enjoy the picnic. For a day with a little bit of wind, bring a kite along and teach the children. If there’s a big, open field, bring a soccer ball to kick around and get some heart-pumping cardio in. Don’t forget to bring a blanket to lie out and stare at the sky while you all enjoy the food and each other’s company!

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