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Catering business

My sister in law enrolled in a culinary school to learn specialty dishes because they are planning to have their own catering and events coordination business. Last weekend she cooked one of the dishes she learned from school so we could try it. Well, our rating is 7/10. I think she should try another dish next time.hahaha.. Anyways i told her that if time comes they will be needing utensils, table linens and other party supplies i can recommend some suppliers to them. There are several online stores that offer cheap items for catering needs. One of the is has excellent customer service and selection on printed linens and napkins, they offer wide varieties of table linens and napkins at affordable prices. They have different great designs, shapes and sizes to choose from.

Catering business is really a profitable business but it requires excellence and dedication in all aspects in order to make a clients truly satisfied with the service. I hope my sister in law and her business partners can be able to achieve that goal.


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