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Text messaging: to allow soon in PHL flights

The Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) will soon allow passengers to use mobile phones in flights, which is presently banned for fear that they may interfere with aircraft’s system.

CAAP deputy director general Capt. John Andrews said that the new policy, scrapping the antiquated doctrine that passenger can only use phones between landings, permits the use of cellphones and tablets at all stages of the flight.

Andrews said that CAAP is preparing to issue a memorandum order that follows the United States Federal Aviation Administration’s new rules on the use of gadgets while on board.

The aviation executive added, however, that only gaming, internet surfing and texting are allowed. Text messaging, after all, is only possible when the plane is near the earth.

Andrews said making calls are still prohibited as the scenario when all 200 passengers “might talk all at the same time” can be messy.

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