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Travel Tips: Travellers with Disabilities

  • Ask for an Escort Pass

– When making your air travel reservation, you can ask for a special services request that will provide for assistance from ticket counter to gate. However, if you wish for a friend or loved one to accompany you through security and out to the gate, you can also request an escort pass. Your companion must show I.D. and must also follow security procedures – but if you are a nervous or neophyte traveler, having someone you know and trust by your side can make your trip through the airport more pleasurable.

  • Disability Discounts?

– Remember that not all discounts are given freely – sometimes you must ask specifically if there are any disability discounts. I recently learned that some amusement parks will let wheelchair-bound individuals go in free of charge! No big deal if you travel by yourself, but to a family with a child in a wheelchair, it saves!

  • Executive Lounge May be Available

– As an RN who has escorted disabled travelers to many cities, I have found that many airlines will allow the disabled traveler to use the executive lounges for layovers. These areas often have better seating and restroom accommodations. This courtesy is especially nice for the person with a spinal cord injury or for others who are w/c dependent.

  • Get a Gate Pass for your Assistant

– Before you fly, arrange for a gate pass for your assistant if you require help to get through airport security. Security personnel may not assist you with anything except the actual screening procedures.

  • Glucose Quick Fix for Diabetic Drivers

– Juvenile (Type 1) diabetics can experience episodes of low blood sugar. It may be frightening to go into a pocket or purse and try to dig out glucose tablets when there is no time to hunt. By taping a strip of velcro to the dash and the other to a tube of, e.g., glucose tablets, it becomes a quick, easy, no panic situation when this occurs. Simple, inexpensive – and could save you your driver’s license.

Thanks for these tips.

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