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How to Keep Your Boat Safe and Secure

Boats are big investments, and protecting them from thieves and vandals is a topic of some concern. Losing a boat to theft or fire can be devastating, even if the vessel is insured. A boat kept on the owner’s property can be especially vulnerable to thieves.

Responsible boat owners can approach the matter of security from several directions.


The same sort of electronic alarms common on automobiles can be installed on boats. The problem with these devices is that most people who hear it will ignore it, especially if its siren can be mistaken for a car alarm and particularly if the boat alarm itself sometimes goes off for no reason.


A GPS tracking system like the ones found in land vehicles can make it far easier for authorities to recover a boat. This assumes, of course, that the thieves do not manage to deactivate the device.


Since bad guys cannot steal what they cannot see, some owners install devices that, when the alarm goes off, fill the boat’s interior with a harmless fog that brings visibility within the vessel to zero. Strobe lights and very loud recordings can also serve to disorient intruders.

Boat lifts

On the assumption that the boat is far harder to steal if it is not in the water, some owners hang the vessel from the boathouse rafters during the off season. Devices like the sling boat lifts from get small boats up out of the water and out of danger.

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