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3 Reasons You Should Visit Gallipoli

Gallipoli is more than a sweeping coastline of stunning beauty and incredible scenery. It is a place which marks the dedication and sacrifice of thousands of soldiers, their final resting place after the battles of World War 1. There are many reasons everybody should travel to Gallipoli at least once in their lifetime. No matter how emotional the experience may be, it is a part of our history and one which we must never forget. If you are contemplating making the voyage, here are 3 important reasons why you should visit Gallipoli.

Understanding History

There is only so much you can read and watch about the history of Gallipoli, as nothing beats the experience of being there in person. Take a tour and learn some little known facts about this iconic battleground, hear the stories from those who were there, and delve a little deeper into the history that surrounds Gallipoli.

The tours range from day trips to week long explorations of the battlefields. These tours are not only lead by guides, but are often accompanied expert historians on hand to provide accurate and detailed historical information for all participants.

Commemorate the Fallen

For many Australian and New Zealand citizens, taking a trip to Gallipoli is an important part of commemorating the fallen soldiers who died for their countries. The ANZAC’s captured the attention and hearts of many with their bravery, skill and famous sense of humour.

Every year sees thousands of travellers making the trek to stand proud during the dawn service on ANZAC Day, remembering the sacrifice, the pride and the honour of every soldier who fought in the war. Remembrance is their way of showing their respect, and it is a tradition which only continues to grow every year.

A Life-Changing Experience

Visitors to the historic site of Gallipoli are often moved in inexplicable ways. The sheer immensity of the tragedy of loss and the fight for victory hits home when you have physically spent time where so many brave soldiers gave their lives. Many leave the battlefields a changed person, with a renewed set of values and experiences to share.

The other attractions of Gallipoli are a welcome respite from what can be an intensely emotional journey, especially for families of fallen soldiers. You will find the scenery a stunning collection of olive yards and pine forests along the roadside. Many visitors to Gallipoli base themselves in the thriving town of Istanbul. With as many exquisite mosques as there are exciting restaurants and bars, there is always something to see and do to lift the spirits.

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The incredible array of Gallipoli tours makes it easy to organise a trip to this iconic location. With so many people making the pilgrimage to Gallipoli, you are bound to find a tour to suit your itinerary. Visiting Gallipoli is literally a life changing experience. Unless you have been for yourself, you will never truly experience the magic of this iconic battlefield where so many fought and died for their country.

Emma Jane loves travelling around and going on history tours as this is a prime way to experience the most culture. Currently she’s travelling around in Greece with her partner.

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