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For a Better Riding Experience

When my husband got his very own motorcycle he was very excited. He had so many plans in mind to set up his motorcycle. The first thing he did was he changed the muffler with a noisy one.  I really hate that to the point the we even had a petty fight because of that. The noisy muffler stayed there for about three months. Later on he replaced it with the original muffler. I was really glad he did that. I remember i would always put ear plugs in my ear just to lessen the noise but inspite of that i’d still have headaches after the ride.

Next was, he bought new side mirrors and handle, then changed them as well. Now, he’s telling me that he would like to buy Throttlemeister motorcycle cruise controls. He said, with this new control he can set a cruise allowing his hand to relax because he don’t need to hold the throttle often. Without a Throttlemeister cruise control, he has to keep the engine revved and that can cause hand fatigue. Well because that makes sense, i totally agree with his idea.

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