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Essential Things to Prepare and Bring for a Winter Vacation

Are you planning a winter vacation? If you are then, you should keep in mind that you need enough clothing to keep you and your family warm. In order to be prepared, it is a good idea to start shopping in advance for all your winter essentials so that you don’t lose out on good deals. Start getting yourself good woolen garments, overcoats, fox jackets, fur coats, winter weather accessories. Winter does not always mean wearing bulky jackets to keep you warm, the trick lies in covering yourself with layers of clothing even if they are thin, it’s the layers which trap the heat and keep you cozy. You can save space in your bags with multiple layers of thin clothes than a few bulky coats and sweaters. If you plan on skiing, or are traveling with children or infants, take time to think through what you need, so you do not carry too much of the same item, and jot down what all you really require, before you get down to packing.

Winter Vacation Essentials Checklist
Coats and Jackets                                   Innerwear
☐ Fleece jackets                                      ☐ Thermal vests
☐ Sweaters                                              ☐ Thermal tops
☐ Turtlenecks                                         ☐ Thermal bottoms
☐ Waterproof jackets                             ☐ Fleece Tops
☐ Leather jackets                                   ☐ Leggings
☐ Fur jackets
☐ Winter coats                                        Skincare
☐ Overcoats                                            ☐ Lip balm
☐ Trench coats                                       ☐ Sunscreen lotion
☐ Ski jackets                                           ☐ Moisturizing lotion
☐ Aloe vera lotion

☐ Short-sleeved shirts                           Shoes
☐ Long-sleeved shirts                           ☐ Sneakers
☐ Short-sleeved tops                             ☐ Hiking shoes
☐ Long-sleeved tops                              ☐ Gumboots
☐ Sweatshirts                                          ☐ Snow boots
☐ Sweatpants
☐ Khaki pants                                          Accessories
☐ Casual pants                                         ☐ Scarves
☐ Jeans                                                     ☐ Gloves
☐ Corduroys                                             ☐ Mittens
☐ Woolen pants                                        ☐ Woolen caps
☐ Cashmere headbands

Clothes for Children                                ☐ Socks
☐ Infant bodysuits                                  ☐ Thermal earmuffs
☐ Pajamas                                                ☐ Stoles
☐ T-shirts                                                ☐ Shawls
☐ Tops                                                      ☐ Blankets
☐ Hooded sweaters                                 ☐ Sunglasses
☐ Socks                                                     ☐ Snow goggles
☐ Mittens                                                 ☐ Ski helmets
☐ Woolen caps                                         ☐ Umbrellas
☐ Booties                                                  ☐ Raincoats
☐ First-aid kit
☐ Prescription medication

Packing for a vacation can be time consuming, so if you’ll make a list of all the things you need and start packing in advance there is little chance that you will forget to pack in any essential item. Always place the bigger, heavier clothes at the bottom, and the smaller, lightweight items on top of your bags. It’s better to wear the heavy jackets instead of packing them in your bag, this way you save more space and have your warm outerwear on you when you arrive at your wintry destination.

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