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Hubby’s Favorite Recreation

I am currently watching NBA Finals game 4 between Miami Heat and Oklahoma Thunders. Well, i’m cheering for my husband’s favorite player Lebron James. He’s really hoping that Miami Heat will win in the championship because for him Lebron James had already taken numerous awards and the only thing lacking to him is to get the championship trophy for his team. But i always tell him that in every game it always take a team effort to win. No matter how good Lebron in playing, still he cannot do it alone since basketball is a group game. Anyway, he knows that because he’s also a basketball player.

Basketball is my husband’s favorite recreation activity since he was a teenager. He’s a very good player. He had numerous MVP awards. And that is something that our son didn’t inherit from him. Maybe because kids’ today are always in front of gaming desktops playing online games. Their interests are more on computers than outdoor activities. I advised our son to go out and play outside so he would loose some weight but to no avail. Sometimes i’m already thinking of cutting off our internet connection just to prevent him from playing computer games most of his time. The problem is i have a daughter who would not agree with my idea.

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