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No medical life insurance

Getting a life insurance is so fast and easy nowadays, because of the economic crisis the world is facing a lot of insurance companies have already made some adjustments in their application procedures. They made it is easier and simpler. Just like yesterday a friend is trying to convince me to try their no medical life insurance plan. According to her in this type of insurance medical exams is no longer a requirement. What they require is just to answer a few health questions. Isn’t that great? we no longer have to go to a clinic and undergo a lot of medical tests  if we want to avail a life insurance. This is a chance for those who are eager to get life insurance but have no time to undergo medcial exams.

Also, with the advent of technology, everything is now available online, you can even ask for insurance quotes via internet. So if you’re interested to avail of a no medical life insurance plan check out This is one of the companies I’ve stumbled that offer this type of insurance.

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