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Abaco Islands: “The Sailing Capital of the World”

The Abaco Islands in the Bahamas is known as “The Sailing Capital of the World.” The Abacos’ number one activity is boating and sailing. But don’t rule out the excellent fishing, diving, snorkeling, water sports, and, of course, cultural attractions that round out The Abacos holiday experience all year long. 

Abaco Islands

The red and white striped lighthouse at Hope Town in the Abaco Islands, is a noted local landmark. The Abacos Islands in the Bahamas have four national parks that attract tourists: Pelican Cays Land & Sea Park, Abaco Wild Horse Preserve, Man-O-War Cay, and Great Guana Cay.

For those who love many kinds of activity sports this place is ideal. Whether it is surfing or diving or snorkeling – they can find it all over here. This is also a great spot for fishing. The place appears to be blooming in the lap of nature. The places that attract tourists from far and near are the Abaco forests, flora and fauna. There are specially built resorts for the ecotourist.

This is also the ideal place for those who like to spend some time alone in a quite and serene place.

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