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The Musician Traveler

I had a great talk last Sunday with my musician friend. He shared a lot of his travel adventures while working as a musician in different countries for the past five years. He said he enjoys his work so much because he loves what he’s doing, he doesn’t really consider it as a work but it’s like more of a hobby for him.

During his travels, he had collected several musical instruments from different places in different countries. He even showed me the Jackson Bass guitar he bought in USA when they did a gig there. He said he loves that guitar that’s why he always brings it wherever he goes.

The best part of being a traveler musician according to him is the experience of travelling in different countries around the globe, seeing beautiful places, encountering different people and knowing different cultures. He loves being with people who have the same passion for music.

He has a lot more to share but it was cut short because of limited time. Anyway he promised we’ll see each other and talk about it some other time.

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