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Gearing up for Holy Week vacation

A lot of people are gearing up now for their Holy Week vacation. Many have already booked their flights early to avoid travel hassles as well as to avail the travel promo from airline companies. In preparation also for the long vacation, some are already buying foods for their trip while others are for storing foods at home just like us. Since most stores will be closed in observance of Holy Week or Lenten season.

Just like yesterday, the grocery stores are already loaded with many shoppers. Thanks to the latest technology people don’t have to wait long lining up in the cashiers. Ever since barcode scanners were created our shopping has become more convenient and fast. Especially if the store uses a Honeywell barcode scanner, this scanner is so efficient making our shopping experience more fun and easy.

How about you, are you done with your Holy Week preparation? Better start doing that today if you haven’t, you only have few days left. 🙂

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