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Summer outdoor recreation: Horseback riding

Nowadays, horseback riding is primarily used for recreation and therapy. Almost anywhere in the world you will already find horseback riding camps. Horseback riding in a camp is better than just merely riding through hills and valleys since they can provide more assistance. Like instructions about riding a horse and other basic requirements for attending a horse camp. They also teach about different kinds of tack, such as saddles, bridles, halters, bits and other horse gear.

Here in our country, Baguio and Tagaytay are the places where horseback riding is popular. This Lenten season I’m sure a lot of people will flock in these places. I’ve heard in the news yesterday that Baguio City’s temperature has drop to 10 degrees. Hmm..that’s an unusual temperature for summer season.

We’ve never done this type of outdoor activity. But I hope we can do it in the future because my kids are really interested. My daughter is dreaming of wearing corral boots while riding a horse complete with other accessories. She’s a trying hard fashionista. lol

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