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DFA experience

I was able to renew my passport last Wednesday together with my sister and her kids. I grabbed the chance to renew my passport at DFA Clark since they have a car and it is convenient for me if i will go with them.

It took us about 2 hours in processing our application which is faster and more convenient than the processing in DFA Manila. My sister told me about how slow and inconvenient it was for my parents when they took their passport at DFA Manila.  Even though they were already scheduled ahead of time, still they had to wait for long hours standing outside the DFA office.

Anyway, now that i have a new passport i can go on with my travel plans. My friend in USA gave us ski jackets last Christmas. So if ever, i want us to travel during winter so we could use those jackets.

One of our friends is also inviting us to a pilgrimage in Israel which I’m also interested. I want to see the historic places where my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ born and died.

I wish someday i could really travel to see all my dream destinations.

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