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Dream Destination: The Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is one of the most famous icons in the world.  It is the world’s most visited monument, with over 200 million tourists since it construction in 1889 . The Eiffel Tower is made out of iron and is built on Champ de Mars  (Field of Mars, the Greek god) and is located on the banks of the Seine River in Paris, France.  It is the tallest building in the entire Paris.

Designed by engineer Gustave Eiffel, where the tower got its name.  The Eiffel Tower was constructed in just three years. The purpose of the tower was to do radio broadcasting. The tower is 1,063 feet high, with a 79 feet antenna and weighs around 7,900 tons.

The tower has two restaurants and both are located on the first floor. There is an inbuilt lift that can take you to the top floor so you can witness the marvelous view of Paris, France.

Admission Details

There are tickets to take you to level one (57m/187 ft), level two (120m/394ft) and level three (280m/918ft). Entrance fees up the Eiffel Tower is 11.50 euros for adults, by elevator to the top. There are double-decker elevators at the north, west and east foot of the tower, but usually only one or two will be operational at any one time.

You can also buy ticket to climb the stairs, up to level two. For more details, check out the Eiffel Tower website (see external links below). The tower is opened from 9:30am to 11:45pm every day, with extended hours from 9:00am to 12:45am.

The best time to be at Eiffel Tower is just before sunset when the light is best. And then, as night engulfs Paris, the city lights up with hundreds of thousands of lights. The tower itself is transformed into a glittering spectacle, courtesy of over 10,000 light bulbs.

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