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Get The Best Of Both Worlds: Most Popular Destinations For Cheap Holidays To Turkey

Contrast and variety makes Turkey an interesting and exciting travel destination. The capital city, Istanbul, is the unique place where Asia and Europe fuse together. Turkey is a place where the East meets the West, the old meets the new, where the past exists harmoniously with the present. There are two major ways to enjoy cheap holidays to Turkey: to visit cultural and heritage sites, and to explore the rising contemporary scene in the city.

Life in Turkey is a rich montage of different traditions. Istanbul alone is a unique Christian-turned-Islamic city whose streets proudly show the remnants of its role as the seat of power during the Byzantine, Roman, Ottoman Empires. Ruins of Byzantine churches and classic Roman structures lie alongside imperial mosques and the Grand Bazaar in the city.  Its history is as colorful and vibrant as the mosaics and frescoes decorating the walls of its mosques.

The Aegean Coast of Turkey offers an authentic panorama of magnificent beaches and ancient civilization. The ancient cities of Ephesus, Anatolia, and Cappadocia are unsurpassed archaeological sites any tourist shouldn’t miss. There are no ruins like the ruins in the Aegean Coast. Behold the picturesque ruins of ancient cities: the ancient Library of Celsus, the Castle of Saint Peter in Bodrum, and the mystical man-made cave homes. After a day of exploration travelers can retire and enjoy the view in hotels around the beaches or the famous hot springs in Pamukkale.

Istanbul is gaining international attention today as a platform for contemporary art and fashion design culture. There are plenty of mosques and art museums for tourists to visit during the day, but when the night comes the city comes alive with bars, clubs, and restaurants. Tourists and locals alike flock the city to experience the hype in the one of the world’s most visually stimulating countries.

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