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Nature’s Wrath

Typhoon Pedring has caused too much damaged in our province. Up to now there are about 4 towns still submerged in floodwater. Many were stranded in the rooftop of their houses because the floodwater was too high. There were casualties reported and some of them were due to drowning.

Though the weather already improved still the floodwater remains high. A lot of people are getting hungry now because of food shortage and they have no clean water to drink and use. My officemate told me that if they only have a bottle of chlorine with them, they can make their own sanitized water. Though it’s not as clean as the water that undergoes reverse osmosis, still they can use the chlorinated water for cleaning purposes.

Anyway, this typhoon experience gave us too many lessons. It was an eye opener to all of us. If only we value our natural resources and take good care of our environment we won’t be experiencing this kind of calamity.


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