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A timely offer

A friend in our church left yesterday for her vacation to USA. She has dual citizenship so from time to time she has to go back and forth here and there. Because she will be staying there for about 5 months she told us that if there’s something we want to buy in US we just tell her and she would buy it for us. She said she has plenty of time to shop around and look for the items we need. Of course, we have to pay her when she comes back with the items.

Her offer is very timely because I’m about to buy xbox network cable for brother James. He asked for my help if I could buy that cable online because I have a paypal account. He doesn’t have a credit card so there’s really no way for him to buy the item online. Now¬†it was cancelled and i’m thankful ¬†because I really have some hesitation buying items in the internet especially if it is not mine.

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