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Back from London

My daughter’s godmother arrived last month for a two-weeks vacation here in our country. Aside from being my daughter’s godmother she was also my officemate before. It’s been five years since she and her family migrated to London.

We didn’t had the chance to see each other while she was on vacation here, we just talked on the phone when she visited our head office in Makati. She told me that they were here because his son who is now 12 years old is due for circumcision and they want the procedure to be done here. Also, she has to settle and close some dormant back accounts. She has two kids, a boy and girl and both of them are studying. She said her kids are on school break and their classes will start by September. She told me her kids was very happy when they received rollers for back-to-school from their relatives. Now they are already back in London.

My kumare promised me that if ever we want to visit London, they are willing to accommodate us. Which I really hope so, maybe in the next 5 or 7 years if God permits we can go there to visit.

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