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Dream vacation

I am so happy to hear a lot of good news from my friends, they share stories about how God has blessed them tremendously. One of our friend received a car as gift from another friend, while the other one bought an almost brand new car. I wonder what kind of blessing are we going to receive? i’m expecting that God will also bless us because that is what we are encouraged to do. The bible says, we are assured of God’s blessing so we just have to claim it.

I hope in the future God will bless us to make our dream vacation come true. My son told me last night that he wants to experience Christmas season in US. He likes to see Disney World. He likes to experience driving in snow. At first i thought it is dangerous to drive in snowy conditions but i learned that vehicles in US are using tire chain to make their driving in snowy grounds secure. Anyway, back to Walt Disney World i think the place is the perfect choice to have a family vacation. Both young and old will enjoy it. Disney World is a truly magical place, full of clowns and the most beloved characters well known in the United States. Disney World is full of entertainment, laugh, and fun.


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