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My brother’s dream

When my brother passed the Nursing Board Exam he didn’t immediately get a job. What happened was he took more trainings because of hospital requirements which he again paid for it. Then after the training he worked as a volunteer in a hospital. Since it’s just a volunteer work he doesn’t receive anything not even a small allowance. It’s really sad to see how our nurses are being treated.

Right now my brother is specializing in dialysis procedure, he took special training course on dialysis which he believe will give him great advantage over the other nurses. I told him also to consider training on Nuclear Medicine as Nuclear Medicine Technologist Jobs are in demand right now.

It’s my brother’s dream to work abroad someday, for him it is not just an opportunity for him to earn better but also the chance for him to travel in all his dream destinations. I wish my brother will finally achieve his goal and dream in the near future.

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