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Get the most out of our trip to Singapore

I mentioned in my previous post that our company is planning to have our out of the country Christmas outing this year. They chose Singapore as our travel destination. I’m excited for this trip. As early as today I’m already saving for it. Well of course I have lots of family members and friends who are expecting something from me when we come back from our trip.

What I really want to know is if Singapore is a great place to shop for the latest gadgets today. I consider the factors of price, quality and brand. I’m hoping to buy htc desire android, a ps3 and a laptop if my budget permits.

When i visited South Korea 15 years ago which was my first trip abroad, i regret that i didn’t take the most out of my trip.  But i was too young then and was so naive, besides it was a business trip.  Anyway,  this time being more matured and experienced i will not let this opportunity pass.

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