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Travel-friendly camera

One way to bring back home the memories of the places that you go to is by taking pictures. Pictures as well as videos are great reminders of the wonderful experiences that you have had. That’s why great quality pictures is recommended so you will be able to appreciate them every time. In order to get good quality pictures having a good camera is important.

In my first out of the country travel experience i don’t have a digital camera yet. What i have is the old and classic camera that uses films. The number of pictures you can take using a film is very limited unlike the digital camera and the quality of pictures before are very poor compared to what we have today.

By the way, since we’re planning to go to Singapore this coming November, i’m planning to buy a new digital camera. I read that Casio’s Exilim EX-H20G is a travel-friendly camera, it has a 10X-optical-zoom lens, great GPS features, and in-camera mapping.

I don’t know the price yet in the local stores here in our place, that would be one factor i have to consider before buying this camera. I just hope it’s within my budget. ^_^


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