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Camping Activity for the Families

481_CampingsOur Church held a two day camping activity for all the families at El Masfino Country Club, San Rafael Bulacan. We are supposed to join the camp but we backed out later for different reasons. First my husband had second thoughts because he said the weather is too hot and he’s worried if we can bear the scourging heat of the sun.  Our friend told us the condition of the surrounding, it is an open rice field, no trees and the ground is covered with dried grass. When I heard it, I too had a change of heart, my excitement has gone so I agreed with my husband that it’s okay that we no longer join the family camp. Second our budget is also a problem because our house is under renovation and we do not have much money to spend for the camp.

Anyway, we just hope there’ll be another family camp next year. I really like to experience it. Especially the bonfire in the evening, I will suggest next time that we use fire pits for the bonfire. Since the field is covered with dried grass I learned that they abort the bonfire in their lined up activities because it might cause uncontrollable fires all over the field.  I haven’t seen any pictures yet of those who attended the family camp, but I’m sure they will be all over the facebook page anytime this day.

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