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Travel-related constipation problem

My friend is suffering from travel-related constipation problem. Everytime she’s going out of the country there’s always a sudden change in her bowel functioning.

What causes travel related constipation problem?

Travel Stress. Bookings, travel delays, hotel accommodations, going to a new place are some of the things that can cause travel stress to some people.

New Schedule. People with bowel movement schedule while they are at home find it hard to adjust on new schedule causing a constipation issue.

Anxiety and Discomfort. Some people do not want to use public toilets so they just ignore the urge to go until they get home from their trip.

What to Do?

Simple remedy is to increase fiber intake before you go and during your trip. Eat whole grain foods and take fiber supplement.

Drink lots of fluid, make sure your body has enough water in it to flush waste through the system.

If you’re still having a hard time to treat constipation using simple remedies, try colon cleansing, you may want to try Colonetix, this product is designed to cleanse and detoxify your colon. But don’t buy this colon cleansing product until you read some honest Colonetix reviews first.

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