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Nursing Uniforms: Trademark of the Nurses

Nowadays, there are a lot of means in making a living. There are so many job opportunities to choose from one of which is being a nurse.  From all the people having different occupations, what makes nurses stand out? What is the trademark of the nurses?

A nurse requires a lot of discipline and able to carry out nursing tasks with speed & accuracy. While on duty, a nurse is identified in wearing his or her nursing uniform. A nurse is not only responsible for carrying out the doctor’s order but should maintain the cleanliness of her nursing uniform while performing nursing interventions upon the patient.

The standard nursing uniform includes nurse’s cap, apron and dress for female nurses. The nurse cap’s original purpose was to keep the hair of the nurse tidily in place and illustrate a modest appearance of the nurse. An apron is used as a protective garment worn by the nurse together with his or her nursing uniform while performing vital nursing procedures and to prevent the lodging of microorganism upon the nurse’s uniform. Nursing uniforms vary in style depending on how the hospital owners want it to be.

In many parts of the world, uniforms symbolize formality, orderliness & working status of an employee. By all these, nursing uniform can be considered as one of the trademarks of the nurses.

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