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Dream Destination: Macau

The city of Macau is abundant in historical landmarks and cultural heritage. It offers just the right blend of Latin and Asian cultures, making it a popular destination for every tourist. Though Macau is small yet it is beautiful. Macau consists of two islands and a compact peninsula. The city has a rich Portuguese colonial history of churches and forts and provides the most perfect avenue to escape from the hectic lifestyle of Hong Kong.

ruins-saint-paulSt. Pauls church is perhaps the most famous monument of Macau. It stands in ruins today adjoining the Jesuit College of St. Pauls. It, howeverFeature Articles, is an illustration of the powerful spirituality of the times. To see over 3000 artifacts representing the culture and tradition of Macau one can visit the Macau Museum.

macau museum

The Macau Museum of Art has a collection of Chinese calligraphy and paintings as well as Western paintings and pottery. Visitors are educated of the fact that there has been an influence of both the east and the west cultures on Macau.

One must visit Leal Senado Square located in the heart of the citys shopping area. It is simply spectacular. Pedestrians can enjoy their walk here as the area only allows a few cars to visit. The circular fountain is surrounded by a mosaic creating a dream like atmosphere.

Aside from these, the presence of glazing Vegas-style casinos is what also drives travellers to visit the city.

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