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Funny chat

I had a very long funny chat with my male friend who now resides in the US last night. He talks about a lot of things especially his experiences as an immigrant. He said he has to make big adjustments in his lifestyle because of the difference in culture, environment and working conditions. He shares the places he has seen and the people he has met. He even shares secret about his new friends. That some of his new male friends are seeking advise regarding natural male enhancement. He really laugh out loud when he told me about it.haha.. Well, that’s how close we are, I really don’t mind talking to him about sensitive matters.

Anyway, I really had a good time talking to him last night. And he promised to give me more updates about him next time. Well, what I’m really interested to hear are his traveling experiences. I’m looking forward for the pictures of the beautiful places he will visit and explore.

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