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Travel advice for pregnant women

My friend was very excited when she told me about the good news that finally they’re having their first baby. It’s a miracle baby actually because she’s already forty years old. We really thought it is impossible for her to conceive considering her age but truly nothing is impossible if you believe and claim for miracle. And now she said she wants to buy the best prenatal vitamins during pregnancy to ensure that her baby will get all the best nourishment. I told her not to worry about it because her doctor will surely give her exactly what she and her baby needs.

Right now they are preparing for a travel abroad, I just told her to consult her doctor first before she travels so she’ll be advised on what to do which she agreed. I believe her condition is considered as high risk pregnancy so she should be very careful. By the way, in my previous post I shared some tips about flying while pregnant. Click here to read more.

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