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The Benefits of Conference Call

There are three types of conference calling that technology made available and popular among people today: audio conferencing, video conferencing, and web conferencing. Whichever type you use however, there is no doubt that the conference call is very helpful to business communications, school project meetings, and even just for social communication. In the business community, conference calling is frequently used for communicating with employees from different branches and for discussing matters with clients. Perhaps it has become very popular because it provides an affordable way to let people from different places communicate without having to be physically around one another. Although regular phone conversations also enable the long-distance interaction, conference call is more convenient because it could allow 3 or more people to talk at the same time. Furthermore, they save us time and effort by sparing us from having to travel so often just to attend meetings.

The first type of conference is the audio conferencing wherein you use the telephone. Basically, the participants are allowed to speak but not see each other.

The second type is the video conferencing. This type of conferencing, allows the participants to see each other thus the use of non verbal gestures is allowed.

The third type which is web conferencing is probably the most popular nowadays because it offers a great deal of features then the first two. Web conferencing allows participants to share files, see each other, and record sessions through the use of only a computer with an internet connection.

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